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03 January 2008 @ 01:14 am
What's up what's up ?!  
FFTS report and then december 31th, Suju report.


So I was asked to post something about FTTS live. hm yeah so... Let's try something

We already had our ticket, which made the thing much easier than BB. We arrived in the place something like 1 hour before, bought a few goodies even if there wasn't so many ( light stick, a calendar and a cellphone strap with pictures of them in a mini book. I bought the light stick and...the calendar, asIf I hadn't enough of that already. -_- )

The entrance of the auditorium of Ehwa university - where the live took place -

We then took our place, in the balcony but the view was cool. In the middle, though. We also took pictures of the banners

Hwanhee, on the right

Brian, on the left


Hm...sorry, so what was I saying ? Ah yeah FTTS, so they started and it was pretty cool cause they did a lot of catchy songs, not only balads, what we were a bit afraid of ( well, mostly Isa, I'm a balade sucker but she dont really like it xD I'm the FTTS huge fan here ).
And they did Missing you, condition of my heart, sea of love...
Brian had his solo, he did a few song from his solo album and also a Mickael jackson dance, and other ^^
Hwanhee had his solo too, mostly songs from over the rainbow tand that one...what's the name again ? Where he is singing very high ( I don't like it that much, I prefer Hwanhe low voice better ^^;; )
And omg at the end of one of his solo song he... Striped xD Well, he was half naked and ONG HWANHEE <3

But they really both sang live very well, that's really sommthing we can say. Never any mistake or anything, it was very pleasant to hear all the time and that's great ^^
It's very frustrating to always stay sitting furing lives... And during Big bang it was REALLY REALLY frustrating, but during FTTS it was okay... I ike to just be able to enjoy fully the songs and their voices without, like in France, have to fight for my life at every seconds LOL.
And for the last 2 songs we actually stood up, Brian was asking everyone "stand up stand up !" So we did ( lol ) and ran in the front, to have the best view ( but in the front of the balcony... lol )

What else... ah yeah at the beginning they said hello to everyone in korean and then in japanese, chinese, and even hawaiian... Brian then said it in english, but there was no way he could knoz there was french fans in the crown xD And we were very sad about that ToT

Oh and the fight during The girl is mine was so cool ! I have a fancam of that ^^ Will post it later, not sure I can upload it on youtube, though ToT Maybe its too big.

And I was craving to be in the first floor, damnit, during a song they walked through the fans , till the very back of the live hall ToT But not in the balconies obviously xD

And Brian is SO DAMN GAY lol like seriously, the way he walk, he dance, he move, he speak....everything is yelling IM GAY IM GAY
even in the official banner for him, there was a pic of him on a wall, and on that wall there were various CMs and... One of them was starting with GAY... and the pic was cut after the Y, so it was really him, beside GAY letters XD <3 Love Brian.

official banners around the stage

I guess that's all about FTTS... ? I'll think about more later ^^


The day after was.... Decenber 31th !
The big issue of that day was.... What can we do tonight ?
We had no idea where Suju boys where going to be, where too lazy to go in front of MBC to try to have places... So we were a bit lost about what to do to enjoy our new year eve.
I called Agnes ( ELF friend, talked about her earlier I think ) around midday but she wasn't answering her cellphone. Kim, the korean guy from the guesthouse told us to come with him in Insadong with the giant bell and stuff. We were giving up about seing suju for new year when I finally called Agnes another time and this time she answered ^^ She told us the boys were going to be in.....Insadong ! for new year AHAHA. She wasn't going cause she was sick ToT
So we went there, to see how it was and understand where we had to wait and everything, it was around 5pm when we arrive there, but Agnes told us it was starting only at.... 11:40pm AHA.... And that day it was around -10 degres celcius outside. -_-
So we werent sure at first where it was going to be, we saw a stage but a girl from the staff said there wasnt going to be super Junior... We went ina Pv bang to have more infos on Suju OHP, wrote the infos on a piece of paper and went back around the stage thing. And suddently the girl who said earlier they werent going to be there appeared in front of us to say "Oh oh ! Supa junia ! here tonight !" ...>.> Okay thanks for the info LOL

The next thing was to understand where to wait. That was the worst thing. We asked the girl who said, over there on thr right.... then a guy fron the staff "on the right" who said on the left... OKAY THANKS.

A moment later we end up writting on a piece of paper "concert WHERE , WHEN" Because Korean people are better with writtent english than spoken one. And a guy finally was able to explain us.

But he said 8pm... hm what ?
Well, whatever, it was around 6pm, we went in a restaurant to eat a bibimbap before going out, in front of the stage where we watched the rehearsals. In the cold....eww.
Around 7pm they announced Super Junior coming soon ! That made us cheer ! And yeah, a few time later they were coming on stage performing... GALJEUNG OMG SO GREAT.
We were a bit far ( the other side of the roar ) but Jungsoo was very easy to reconize... White angel again <3
youngoon had his large sun glasses on... It was night but whatever, the Youngoon do whatever he wants. Donghae was wearing a large red jumper and sunglasses too, and he was always taking off his jumper >.> ITS COLD ENOUGH LIKE THAT ToT

After, they performed a song with little girls, and then it was another girl turn to perform. During that time, Youngoon and Jungsoo were staying in the back, looking at the girl, smiling and talking with some unni from the staff. Youngoon made fun of the girl's dance when she had finished and came in the back ahaha

And there we started waiting... and waiting... When suddently Super Junior came back again on stage a around 1 hour later to make another researsal ! ^^! So they did the same again. For both there were always a lot of bus driving on the road between us and them. And when they werent on stage there werent any bus OBVIOUSLY >.>

When they left again it was around 8:30pm and then we had to wait wait wait... under -10... og damn.. We were freezing to death with 2 t shirts, 2 sweater, our jacket, scarfs, beannies... 2 socks -_-.... WTF

During that time we were able to look at the amusing policemans... Let me tell you that the korean police is UTTERLY amusing :D
There was something like 4000 policeman around the place LOL seriously. Just in front of us, there were somethng like 5 rank of policemans waiting. And everywhere they were moving... in the right... in the left... of another bunch of cops , holding hands and moving on the left. BUT WTF ARE YOU DOING SERIOUSLY ?!?
Seriously, it was like some bad joke, Im sure they didnt even know what they were doing themself.

While we were freezing to death and being VERY bored I also danced on tell me for the cop in front of me who was not amused but more "wtf" :D But also maybe because I dont really know the dance moce ahaha xD I was singing whatever I know, mostly the english part obviously and some sort of nothing for the korean ones, doing some kind og dance move >.> Well whatever it was helping me trying not to freeze over.

I think the cops where actually guys in their military service. They were all young enough to be..We talked to Kim about that, the korean guy fro the ghest house, and he agreed, I guess it was.

And at the end, when it was finally time for them to let us come in the front.... -_- they didnt move, and random poeple fro the right started coming in front of the stage Oo and we were looking at the cops WTF WE ARE WAITING FOR HOURS LET US GO ! But nothing ._. In the end, people started pushing behind us and we broke the cops barage ^^;; We were the one just in front of them so WE actually broke it XD Wtf strangers.

So we ran as quickly as we could to the other side, to have the best place at possible, and we end up in the side, but I was like 3rd row so it was VERY cool. and just at my right there was a wall of 4 lignes of policemans -_- without that we could have been much more in the front.

After, you can watch the new year show on KBS, you will know... Only thing is that we were actually there, so we saw them performing and OMG GJLGGLH FBLFDBLBH *dies* and they are just so amazing and Jungsoo is so fjewlkgdsklghkl I have no word and AW Youngoon and omg they really were freezing to death in those outfit by -10 seriously -_- and they waited for long before starting really their perf, you will see in the fancam ( later... )

And then the countdown... did by Jungsoo AW AW AW I arrived in 2008 with super junior, I can die happy, right ? lol.

They all hugged so much for 2008 after the countdown <3 aww

I'm too lazy to tell you about everything else except that a few minute after Suju left the stage, the army of policemans left -_- so we arrived in the second row, just so perfect to see everything >.> lol so we watched The grace perf perfectly without anyone being annoying in front of us xD Please to kill korean police.

Hmm I think I will end that post here its wayyy to big already. Who read everthing ? Ill give you a cookie !

박유빈leebbeunee on January 2nd, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
jpeux avoir une boite de cookies entière ? :D

Bonne année à toi aussi~ Tu as vraiment eu le meilleur nouvel an qui pouvait t'arriver ^^
Mdearavenue on January 2nd, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
I read everything! :D

Lucky! Spending new years near Super Junior!!

Happy New Years!
[[ ダちゃん ]] ☆★ 阿达: moozx_princevaliant on January 2nd, 2008 09:26 pm (UTC)
No love for the cops!! >[

Man, that countdown thingy must've been so amazing. I saw some pics, and Jungsoo looked so prettyyyy~~ *~*
nadesico_chan: kangteuk!!nadesico_chan on January 2nd, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
j'ai tout lu, j'ai tout lu!! et merci pour le récit lol 'tain je voudrais trop voir Brian faire son gay lol j'ai hâte de voir tes fancams!!
Alexiel: Tora Guitaralexiel10 on January 2nd, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
Bonne année à toi! ^^

2008 semble avoir bien commencé pour toi.
rellaheechul on April 24th, 2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
Hey, I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a hug and updated collection of FTTS's pics, vids and news. Besides, u can find lots of other gasoo's stuff here. Hope you enjoy it ^^