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04 January 2008 @ 03:42 am
The poor window never did anything wrong to them... Except being here.  
There's something funny about ELF girls. That was what we noticed yesterday and today.

Actually, we can explain that easily : It was laughting or killing someone, hitting her head against Sukira's glasses.

It's not that I'm a violent girl or that I like making fun of someone but seriously we met the worst ELF ever.

I can explain it quite easily.... Holidays started in Korea.

And that's when all the young young stupid and histerical 13 years old ELF are coming by. For some reason, their parents are letting them going to Sukira till midnight and come back by themself... I don't want to know what the hell is that.

But the age isn't anything, because ALL the new bunch of ELF we 'won' this week aren't crazy and stupid and histerical.... More than everything they are FOUR. The other ones all look like angel beside them.
They arrive VERY early and put a paper to say "we are reserving the first row in front of the glass for 4 people for sukira on 01/03" for example. that's something used a lot around here, after putting the paper and taking a picture with their cellphone they left and come back at sukira time. I was amazed at first, because it really seems to work. In france, people would throw the paper away or just don't give a shit XD

ANYWAY. so they are doing that, and yesterday and today we were just behind them, We nearly died LOL.

those 4 girls... they were really crazy, like really really. From the moment the boys entered the radio booth they were YELLING like if their life where involved, and hitting the window to make them turn around and look at them. The unnies from the staff had to (try) to make them stop, they were really noisy, and if they can hear it through the 3 glasses of sukira it's a proof that they were really crazy.
And then, they were waving like crazy everytime one of the boys was looking at something else than their paper or computer, and hitting the window again and everything... You will see in our fancam, we cam obviously hear them and it's crazy. It was really frightening.

And today, they were AGAIN just in front of us, and I'm sure they yelled even more and WHY THE HELL do they feel the need to try to be taller staying on their tip toes when they were on FIRST ROW ? -_- and always moving all the time, that makes ourfancam shakes and we were compressed like crazy with the other girls behind us...

And then the worst happened. Or maybe the best I really don't know. In the middle of sukira for no apparent reason... 2 of the 3 left ( one always have to left at 11pm) started crying... O.o We didn't get it. Not at all, there was really no reason for that except maybe that the boys werent waving back at them directly (?! LOL).
And they cried for almost 1 hour. It was real huge tears and us... the surprise quickly turn into laught I should say. They were angry too, and one of them was constantly hitting the window with her hand before sobbing loudly.
Good thing is that we werent the only one laughting. A bunch of older girls beside us were laughting too. and it was obviously for the same thing. They really were stupid , like seriously, and the 4 of them where always ALWAYS fixing their hair XD and they keep doing it even with their big red eyes and tears on their face...
Yeah WHO KNOWS maybe Jungsoo (26) will be interested 8D

Aaah~ that being said, the boys really look tired like hell ToT Aww
But we saw the Q yesterday ^^ And that's cool. He was hidding most of the time, but at the end he finally took the scarf around his face off, Aah Jungsoo why did you gave him your scarf ? >.>

Hmm and Jungsoo is just so damn cute. I think I died at least a hundread times. Oh and, isn't he a sweaty ? Yesterday night both Hyukjae and Jungsoo left together in Hyukjae car (A black classy Hyundai... Can't tell what type it is lol) and Jungsoo let the light in his side on, to let fans see him lol, he really needs attention. It's like earlier today, the staff unnies where talking to the fans throw the window to ask whatever, I dunno, writting on paper ( as it's impossible to hear anything ). It was during Lai Lai which is pre recorded and Hyukjae had left somewhere backstage. Jungsoo was alone behind is Pc, doing nothing, but that means he wasn't really getting any attention, cause all the fans were looking at what the unnie was asking... and he suddently made some cute pose, like stretching and yawning <3
Oh you whore <3 I love you so much.

No more sukira... tomorrow it's between other things not decided yet, Junsu's father pizzeria.

For those who asked for a card In my personal journal, I'm really not sure I'll have the time to write them ToT I bought 5 out of 10 cards already ToT But...

Edit: I think for the past few days I said "Those poeple have issues" at least a thousand times already xD
I love korea for being so weird sometimes. And korean people... And everything.
Being in this country feels great, even not understanding the language I can say that it kinda feels like home sometimes, it's odd. It's not like Japan who, even if awesome, is a place your are going for holidays but you always know, and feel, that you will have to leave quickly because you are not that much welcome. I'm not going to really compare though. Just not the same. Just feeling good in that odd country that Korea is.
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Mdearavenue on January 3rd, 2008 08:07 pm (UTC)
LOL... crazy fangirls. I'm glad I don't know anyone like that. XD
Talianajinjja on January 3rd, 2008 09:51 pm (UTC)
HAHHAHAAHHA WHAT THE FUCK!? That is great, I love reading tales about crazy fangirls 8D It makes me feel very, very sane, and VERY AMUSED.

Wahhh your Talitali wants a postcard.... even if you write it in when you get home *DIES*

I'm glad you feel really welcome in Korea, I always hear that Koreans like tourists, but I haven't known anyone who can compare their time in Korea to their time in Japan, so that's interesting :3

You better be keeping warm ♥!
chocopepero on May 15th, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
hey, I'm linda. I will go to korea next mont. well, can you tell me where is Sukira FM address? and the Schedule please..
thanks (: