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05 January 2008 @ 02:21 am
How to travel to Korea, to finally go away from seoul to eat a pizza.  
Today after waking up, we spent quite a while watching Mnet. It's bad yeah we know, but there's are always dissusing again old perfs... From M! Countdown mostly... And there's Shindong show ( apple mix ) a while after lunch which is fun. And Dong rocks.

Well, whatever, that's not what I was supposed to talk about. ( except that Korean really should try something to STOP diffusing lover-singers. Too many already AND STFU with your SARANGHAE already *dies* )

Hmm yeah so... After doing some shopping around namdaemun and Myeong dong again we went for dinner to.... Junsu's father pizzeria ! wohoo.
The ride in metro is long and uninteresting as hell. It's out of Seoul and it takes ages to finally reach Ilsan. And then we have to found the damn pizzeria in the shop area ( Oh ! Codes combines again ! ).

I would like to add that ooh look how we are cool like that, when we don't have a sukira at night we ANYWAY found something related to idol boys to do. My parents would have been horrified.

Back on track, the pizzeria. The issue is : I don't like pizza. Yeah I know it can sound odd or whatever, but I really don't LOL. Well, I mean I like most of the stuff in it, but I can't eat more than a very little tiny part of it, after I'm just not hungry anymore... so I took spaghetties carbonara LOL. Isa took a pizza ^^ She says it was actually good ^^

But it's not like we were going there for food ^^;;
the place itself is cool, it's not giant, there's something like 15 tables, 2 waiters girls who could have been cassipeia ( I wonder how he is choosing his waiters lol ). And obviously, pictures of Junsu everywhere. Inluding 2 "real size" cardboard statues of Junsu, a board with tons of different pics from all DBSK's periods etc.

Ahaha there's also a VIDEO ! *shot*

Junsu's father is walking around the restaurant, talking to customers, helping a bit, holding people's hands... and right when we stood up at the end to put a present to Junsu on the "present table" his face was illuminated like OMG THEY WERE FANS. lol yeah. xD;
So, even if we had just took pictures with Junsu's real size statue he...asked to do it with us as well =D; OKAY XD
And then, he gave us a poster, which is kinda cool actually, love it ^^

the poster ^^

He was really friendly and a whole into it, it's really at the moment he knew we were his son fan he was all... HAPPY. That was very cute.

Isa can't take a pic, or I'm blurry, or my eyes are closed ToT bouhou
She is hidding and don't want to showe her pic even if I took it whouth problem *cough* 8D

I have to say, we couldn't help but be useless anyway. In the card we wrote to Junsu, in the PS, Isa added something to Hyukjae *head shot* ... so I ....did even worst LOL, I linked her PS to a PS of mine and added something like, Hyukjae should say to Jungsoo. Please kill me. ( i also confesed my love for Yoochun... LOL *head shot combo*)

at the end, we walked down in the stairs, and there, till the entrance of the building, people wrote stuff on the wall, like we are funm junsu we love you, coming fron taiwan...etc...

... So we wrote stupid stuff in big red and blue letters on the wall LOL damn ToT We fail hardcore.

( Isa placed a all rise hyukjae somewhere too XD And because I like to be different, I placed a .... Big bang reference -_-

and you can notice the Junsu love Yoochun beside the red thing Isa wrote xD That's not ours, though XD;;; Poor daddy XD;; )

Speaking of Big bang... did we told you already that we are litteraly STALKED by Big bang since we are here ( Not like we don't like it, though ).... Every shops, every street, every internet cafe had his BB song, generally 'Lies' or sometimes 'last farewell'
AND EVEN IN JUNSU's FATHER PIZZERIA XD They had Mnet on, and BB Last farewell MV played XD we died.

And finally, when we came back in our Seoul district earlier, we went to our usual combini, it was 10pm and suddently wer heard.... Kiss the radio logo song... the combini was playing Cool FM...

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[[ ダちゃん ]] ☆★ 阿达: cheezburgrx_princevaliant on January 4th, 2008 06:25 pm (UTC)
So awesome!! @.@
Their pizza looks good. XD Haha. Strange how that really caught my attention.
Mdearavenue on January 4th, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC)
Ohhh! Cool~! You got a few poster! :D

I want to go to that pizza store if I go to Korea... hahaha...

Big Bang love you. That's why they stalk you. XDD
dork_surrealdork_surreal on April 27th, 2008 07:58 am (UTC)
hi hi! i chanced upon your blog :)

im going korea soon~

can you please share how to go to su's papa shop?

thanks :)
jiayin92 on December 8th, 2008 03:25 pm (UTC)
can i have the add to the pizza shop too?