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07 January 2008 @ 03:46 am
Lotte World~ Raccoon land  
Everything is said when I say that : the symbol of Lotte world ( amusement park in Seoul, a lot like disney land ... ) is a ...raccoon, and the kind of the castle ( exactly the same as the cinderella one in disney land ) is...the raccoon.


That being said xD For those who wants to imagine the park, it's easy just thing of "magic castle" MV by TVXQ, or "Show me your love" By Suju and TVXQ or else "Candy" by H.O.T, "my girl" by Xing... they all recorded it in Lotte world !

So we went over there yesterday (saturday) we had fun, we bought very stupid masks, angel wings with real feathers, dalmatian ears, we played games, did horrible purikura, and eat different amusement park food <3

^ That is actually VERY good. its a frowen banana with chocolates and hmmmm *-*

Korean people love waiting and writting stuff on the walls around them. A lot of stuff... including...their supports dur groups so we did the same

And they also have fake CM on the walls... in french... with speing mistakes <3

Funny things is, in themorning we watched TV while preparing as always, Mnet as always and it was.... SNSD being at lotte world ! Arn't we just awesome ? 8D ( and today when turning on the TV there was.... 'Leeteuk love fighter' on TV, i was still in the bed, eyes closed and when I turned around and opened my eyes to look at the screen... Jungsoo was on it ! I nearly died already in the morning omg THANKS MNET <3 )

But let's get back on track !

... Or almost
We FINALLY saw a anyband CM in korea. We were really amazed about how... they weren't here at all.
How comes they spent so much money in that CM in damn brazil and after 2 month there's nothing anywhere ? ^^;;;
damn xD

And yeah I forgot to tell you that Bi is EVERYWHERE XD I don't know for how many brand he is making CMs but its crazy.

some videos
Isa filmed that before realizing she filmed it the wrong angle XDDD *kick*

The gyro drop at night ( we did it ... during the day which is worst lol :D its really crazy when you are there, plus there's watter just next to it, you really think you are going to end up in the lake XDDD )


and the gyro ...swing *--* which is awesome and you really feel like you'r going to fly xD

We did other stuff obviously like the...haunted house which is actually a little 3D cinema which kinda sucks XD and a roaller coaster and we saw the parade...which sucks like TOTALLY LOL we will have to show you the vid later :D
Dork but cuty idolsvivisectionlj on January 8th, 2008 12:43 pm (UTC)
its a frowen banana with chocolates

beeeeeeeeeh :/

(tout ça pour dire que je lis même si je commente pas partout XD)