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07 January 2008 @ 03:46 am
Everything is said when I say that : the symbol of Lotte world ( amusement park in Seoul, a lot like disney land ... ) is a ...raccoon, and the kind of the castle ( exactly the same as the cinderella one in disney land ) is...the raccoon.


That being said xD For those who wants to imagine the park, it's easy just thing of "magic castle" MV by TVXQ, or "Show me your love" By Suju and TVXQ or else "Candy" by H.O.T, "my girl" by Xing... they all recorded it in Lotte world !

So we went over there yesterday (saturday) we had fun, we bought very stupid masks, angel wings with real feathers, dalmatian ears, we played games, did horrible purikura, and eat different amusement park food <3

^ That is actually VERY good. its a frowen banana with chocolates and hmmmm *-*

Korean people love waiting and writting stuff on the walls around them. A lot of stuff... including...their supports dur groups so we did the same

And they also have fake CM on the walls... in french... with speing mistakes <3

Funny things is, in themorning we watched TV while preparing as always, Mnet as always and it was.... SNSD being at lotte world ! Arn't we just awesome ? 8D ( and today when turning on the TV there was.... 'Leeteuk love fighter' on TV, i was still in the bed, eyes closed and when I turned around and opened my eyes to look at the screen... Jungsoo was on it ! I nearly died already in the morning omg THANKS MNET <3 )

But let's get back on track !

... Or almost
We FINALLY saw a anyband CM in korea. We were really amazed about how... they weren't here at all.
How comes they spent so much money in that CM in damn brazil and after 2 month there's nothing anywhere ? ^^;;;
damn xD

And yeah I forgot to tell you that Bi is EVERYWHERE XD I don't know for how many brand he is making CMs but its crazy.

some videos
Isa filmed that before realizing she filmed it the wrong angle XDDD *kick*

The gyro drop at night ( we did it ... during the day which is worst lol :D its really crazy when you are there, plus there's watter just next to it, you really think you are going to end up in the lake XDDD )


and the gyro ...swing *--* which is awesome and you really feel like you'r going to fly xD

We did other stuff obviously like the...haunted house which is actually a little 3D cinema which kinda sucks XD and a roaller coaster and we saw the parade...which sucks like TOTALLY LOL we will have to show you the vid later :D
Today after waking up, we spent quite a while watching Mnet. It's bad yeah we know, but there's are always dissusing again old perfs... From M! Countdown mostly... And there's Shindong show ( apple mix ) a while after lunch which is fun. And Dong rocks.

Well, whatever, that's not what I was supposed to talk about. ( except that Korean really should try something to STOP diffusing lover-singers. Too many already AND STFU with your SARANGHAE already *dies* )

Hmm yeah so... After doing some shopping around namdaemun and Myeong dong again we went for dinner to.... Junsu's father pizzeria ! wohoo.
The ride in metro is long and uninteresting as hell. It's out of Seoul and it takes ages to finally reach Ilsan. And then we have to found the damn pizzeria in the shop area ( Oh ! Codes combines again ! ).

I would like to add that ooh look how we are cool like that, when we don't have a sukira at night we ANYWAY found something related to idol boys to do. My parents would have been horrified.

Back on track, the pizzeria. The issue is : I don't like pizza. Yeah I know it can sound odd or whatever, but I really don't LOL. Well, I mean I like most of the stuff in it, but I can't eat more than a very little tiny part of it, after I'm just not hungry anymore... so I took spaghetties carbonara LOL. Isa took a pizza ^^ She says it was actually good ^^

But it's not like we were going there for food ^^;;
the place itself is cool, it's not giant, there's something like 15 tables, 2 waiters girls who could have been cassipeia ( I wonder how he is choosing his waiters lol ). And obviously, pictures of Junsu everywhere. Inluding 2 "real size" cardboard statues of Junsu, a board with tons of different pics from all DBSK's periods etc.

Ahaha there's also a VIDEO ! *shot*

Junsu's father is walking around the restaurant, talking to customers, helping a bit, holding people's hands... and right when we stood up at the end to put a present to Junsu on the "present table" his face was illuminated like OMG THEY WERE FANS. lol yeah. xD;
So, even if we had just took pictures with Junsu's real size statue he...asked to do it with us as well =D; OKAY XD
And then, he gave us a poster, which is kinda cool actually, love it ^^

the poster ^^

He was really friendly and a whole into it, it's really at the moment he knew we were his son fan he was all... HAPPY. That was very cute.

Isa can't take a pic, or I'm blurry, or my eyes are closed ToT bouhou
She is hidding and don't want to showe her pic even if I took it whouth problem *cough* 8D

I have to say, we couldn't help but be useless anyway. In the card we wrote to Junsu, in the PS, Isa added something to Hyukjae *head shot* ... so I ....did even worst LOL, I linked her PS to a PS of mine and added something like, Hyukjae should say to Jungsoo. Please kill me. ( i also confesed my love for Yoochun... LOL *head shot combo*)

at the end, we walked down in the stairs, and there, till the entrance of the building, people wrote stuff on the wall, like we are funm junsu we love you, coming fron taiwan...etc...

... So we wrote stupid stuff in big red and blue letters on the wall LOL damn ToT We fail hardcore.

( Isa placed a all rise hyukjae somewhere too XD And because I like to be different, I placed a .... Big bang reference -_-

and you can notice the Junsu love Yoochun beside the red thing Isa wrote xD That's not ours, though XD;;; Poor daddy XD;; )

Speaking of Big bang... did we told you already that we are litteraly STALKED by Big bang since we are here ( Not like we don't like it, though ).... Every shops, every street, every internet cafe had his BB song, generally 'Lies' or sometimes 'last farewell'
AND EVEN IN JUNSU's FATHER PIZZERIA XD They had Mnet on, and BB Last farewell MV played XD we died.

And finally, when we came back in our Seoul district earlier, we went to our usual combini, it was 10pm and suddently wer heard.... Kiss the radio logo song... the combini was playing Cool FM...

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There's something funny about ELF girls. That was what we noticed yesterday and today.

Actually, we can explain that easily : It was laughting or killing someone, hitting her head against Sukira's glasses.

It's not that I'm a violent girl or that I like making fun of someone but seriously we met the worst ELF ever.

I can explain it quite easily.... Holidays started in Korea.

And that's when all the young young stupid and histerical 13 years old ELF are coming by. For some reason, their parents are letting them going to Sukira till midnight and come back by themself... I don't want to know what the hell is that.

But the age isn't anything, because ALL the new bunch of ELF we 'won' this week aren't crazy and stupid and histerical.... More than everything they are FOUR. The other ones all look like angel beside them.
They arrive VERY early and put a paper to say "we are reserving the first row in front of the glass for 4 people for sukira on 01/03" for example. that's something used a lot around here, after putting the paper and taking a picture with their cellphone they left and come back at sukira time. I was amazed at first, because it really seems to work. In france, people would throw the paper away or just don't give a shit XD

ANYWAY. so they are doing that, and yesterday and today we were just behind them, We nearly died LOL.

those 4 girls... they were really crazy, like really really. From the moment the boys entered the radio booth they were YELLING like if their life where involved, and hitting the window to make them turn around and look at them. The unnies from the staff had to (try) to make them stop, they were really noisy, and if they can hear it through the 3 glasses of sukira it's a proof that they were really crazy.
And then, they were waving like crazy everytime one of the boys was looking at something else than their paper or computer, and hitting the window again and everything... You will see in our fancam, we cam obviously hear them and it's crazy. It was really frightening.

And today, they were AGAIN just in front of us, and I'm sure they yelled even more and WHY THE HELL do they feel the need to try to be taller staying on their tip toes when they were on FIRST ROW ? -_- and always moving all the time, that makes ourfancam shakes and we were compressed like crazy with the other girls behind us...

And then the worst happened. Or maybe the best I really don't know. In the middle of sukira for no apparent reason... 2 of the 3 left ( one always have to left at 11pm) started crying... O.o We didn't get it. Not at all, there was really no reason for that except maybe that the boys werent waving back at them directly (?! LOL).
And they cried for almost 1 hour. It was real huge tears and us... the surprise quickly turn into laught I should say. They were angry too, and one of them was constantly hitting the window with her hand before sobbing loudly.
Good thing is that we werent the only one laughting. A bunch of older girls beside us were laughting too. and it was obviously for the same thing. They really were stupid , like seriously, and the 4 of them where always ALWAYS fixing their hair XD and they keep doing it even with their big red eyes and tears on their face...
Yeah WHO KNOWS maybe Jungsoo (26) will be interested 8D

Aaah~ that being said, the boys really look tired like hell ToT Aww
But we saw the Q yesterday ^^ And that's cool. He was hidding most of the time, but at the end he finally took the scarf around his face off, Aah Jungsoo why did you gave him your scarf ? >.>

Hmm and Jungsoo is just so damn cute. I think I died at least a hundread times. Oh and, isn't he a sweaty ? Yesterday night both Hyukjae and Jungsoo left together in Hyukjae car (A black classy Hyundai... Can't tell what type it is lol) and Jungsoo let the light in his side on, to let fans see him lol, he really needs attention. It's like earlier today, the staff unnies where talking to the fans throw the window to ask whatever, I dunno, writting on paper ( as it's impossible to hear anything ). It was during Lai Lai which is pre recorded and Hyukjae had left somewhere backstage. Jungsoo was alone behind is Pc, doing nothing, but that means he wasn't really getting any attention, cause all the fans were looking at what the unnie was asking... and he suddently made some cute pose, like stretching and yawning <3
Oh you whore <3 I love you so much.

No more sukira... tomorrow it's between other things not decided yet, Junsu's father pizzeria.

For those who asked for a card In my personal journal, I'm really not sure I'll have the time to write them ToT I bought 5 out of 10 cards already ToT But...

Edit: I think for the past few days I said "Those poeple have issues" at least a thousand times already xD
I love korea for being so weird sometimes. And korean people... And everything.
Being in this country feels great, even not understanding the language I can say that it kinda feels like home sometimes, it's odd. It's not like Japan who, even if awesome, is a place your are going for holidays but you always know, and feel, that you will have to leave quickly because you are not that much welcome. I'm not going to really compare though. Just not the same. Just feeling good in that odd country that Korea is.
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03 January 2008 @ 01:14 am
FFTS report and then december 31th, Suju report.


So I was asked to post something about FTTS live. hm yeah so... Let's try something

We already had our ticket, which made the thing much easier than BB. We arrived in the place something like 1 hour before, bought a few goodies even if there wasn't so many ( light stick, a calendar and a cellphone strap with pictures of them in a mini book. I bought the light stick and...the calendar, asIf I hadn't enough of that already. -_- )

The entrance of the auditorium of Ehwa university - where the live took place -

We then took our place, in the balcony but the view was cool. In the middle, though. We also took pictures of the banners

Hwanhee, on the right

Brian, on the left


Hm...sorry, so what was I saying ? Ah yeah FTTS, so they started and it was pretty cool cause they did a lot of catchy songs, not only balads, what we were a bit afraid of ( well, mostly Isa, I'm a balade sucker but she dont really like it xD I'm the FTTS huge fan here ).
And they did Missing you, condition of my heart, sea of love...
Brian had his solo, he did a few song from his solo album and also a Mickael jackson dance, and other ^^
Hwanhee had his solo too, mostly songs from over the rainbow tand that one...what's the name again ? Where he is singing very high ( I don't like it that much, I prefer Hwanhe low voice better ^^;; )
And omg at the end of one of his solo song he... Striped xD Well, he was half naked and ONG HWANHEE <3

But they really both sang live very well, that's really sommthing we can say. Never any mistake or anything, it was very pleasant to hear all the time and that's great ^^
It's very frustrating to always stay sitting furing lives... And during Big bang it was REALLY REALLY frustrating, but during FTTS it was okay... I ike to just be able to enjoy fully the songs and their voices without, like in France, have to fight for my life at every seconds LOL.
And for the last 2 songs we actually stood up, Brian was asking everyone "stand up stand up !" So we did ( lol ) and ran in the front, to have the best view ( but in the front of the balcony... lol )

What else... ah yeah at the beginning they said hello to everyone in korean and then in japanese, chinese, and even hawaiian... Brian then said it in english, but there was no way he could knoz there was french fans in the crown xD And we were very sad about that ToT

Oh and the fight during The girl is mine was so cool ! I have a fancam of that ^^ Will post it later, not sure I can upload it on youtube, though ToT Maybe its too big.

And I was craving to be in the first floor, damnit, during a song they walked through the fans , till the very back of the live hall ToT But not in the balconies obviously xD

And Brian is SO DAMN GAY lol like seriously, the way he walk, he dance, he move, he speak....everything is yelling IM GAY IM GAY
even in the official banner for him, there was a pic of him on a wall, and on that wall there were various CMs and... One of them was starting with GAY... and the pic was cut after the Y, so it was really him, beside GAY letters XD <3 Love Brian.

official banners around the stage

I guess that's all about FTTS... ? I'll think about more later ^^


The day after was.... Decenber 31th !
The big issue of that day was.... What can we do tonight ?
We had no idea where Suju boys where going to be, where too lazy to go in front of MBC to try to have places... So we were a bit lost about what to do to enjoy our new year eve.
I called Agnes ( ELF friend, talked about her earlier I think ) around midday but she wasn't answering her cellphone. Kim, the korean guy from the guesthouse told us to come with him in Insadong with the giant bell and stuff. We were giving up about seing suju for new year when I finally called Agnes another time and this time she answered ^^ She told us the boys were going to be in.....Insadong ! for new year AHAHA. She wasn't going cause she was sick ToT
So we went there, to see how it was and understand where we had to wait and everything, it was around 5pm when we arrive there, but Agnes told us it was starting only at.... 11:40pm AHA.... And that day it was around -10 degres celcius outside. -_-
So we werent sure at first where it was going to be, we saw a stage but a girl from the staff said there wasnt going to be super Junior... We went ina Pv bang to have more infos on Suju OHP, wrote the infos on a piece of paper and went back around the stage thing. And suddently the girl who said earlier they werent going to be there appeared in front of us to say "Oh oh ! Supa junia ! here tonight !" ...>.> Okay thanks for the info LOL

The next thing was to understand where to wait. That was the worst thing. We asked the girl who said, over there on thr right.... then a guy fron the staff "on the right" who said on the left... OKAY THANKS.

A moment later we end up writting on a piece of paper "concert WHERE , WHEN" Because Korean people are better with writtent english than spoken one. And a guy finally was able to explain us.

But he said 8pm... hm what ?
Well, whatever, it was around 6pm, we went in a restaurant to eat a bibimbap before going out, in front of the stage where we watched the rehearsals. In the cold....eww.
Around 7pm they announced Super Junior coming soon ! That made us cheer ! And yeah, a few time later they were coming on stage performing... GALJEUNG OMG SO GREAT.
We were a bit far ( the other side of the roar ) but Jungsoo was very easy to reconize... White angel again <3
youngoon had his large sun glasses on... It was night but whatever, the Youngoon do whatever he wants. Donghae was wearing a large red jumper and sunglasses too, and he was always taking off his jumper >.> ITS COLD ENOUGH LIKE THAT ToT

After, they performed a song with little girls, and then it was another girl turn to perform. During that time, Youngoon and Jungsoo were staying in the back, looking at the girl, smiling and talking with some unni from the staff. Youngoon made fun of the girl's dance when she had finished and came in the back ahaha

And there we started waiting... and waiting... When suddently Super Junior came back again on stage a around 1 hour later to make another researsal ! ^^! So they did the same again. For both there were always a lot of bus driving on the road between us and them. And when they werent on stage there werent any bus OBVIOUSLY >.>

When they left again it was around 8:30pm and then we had to wait wait wait... under -10... og damn.. We were freezing to death with 2 t shirts, 2 sweater, our jacket, scarfs, beannies... 2 socks -_-.... WTF

During that time we were able to look at the amusing policemans... Let me tell you that the korean police is UTTERLY amusing :D
There was something like 4000 policeman around the place LOL seriously. Just in front of us, there were somethng like 5 rank of policemans waiting. And everywhere they were moving... in the right... in the left... of another bunch of cops , holding hands and moving on the left. BUT WTF ARE YOU DOING SERIOUSLY ?!?
Seriously, it was like some bad joke, Im sure they didnt even know what they were doing themself.

While we were freezing to death and being VERY bored I also danced on tell me for the cop in front of me who was not amused but more "wtf" :D But also maybe because I dont really know the dance moce ahaha xD I was singing whatever I know, mostly the english part obviously and some sort of nothing for the korean ones, doing some kind og dance move >.> Well whatever it was helping me trying not to freeze over.

I think the cops where actually guys in their military service. They were all young enough to be..We talked to Kim about that, the korean guy fro the ghest house, and he agreed, I guess it was.

And at the end, when it was finally time for them to let us come in the front.... -_- they didnt move, and random poeple fro the right started coming in front of the stage Oo and we were looking at the cops WTF WE ARE WAITING FOR HOURS LET US GO ! But nothing ._. In the end, people started pushing behind us and we broke the cops barage ^^;; We were the one just in front of them so WE actually broke it XD Wtf strangers.

So we ran as quickly as we could to the other side, to have the best place at possible, and we end up in the side, but I was like 3rd row so it was VERY cool. and just at my right there was a wall of 4 lignes of policemans -_- without that we could have been much more in the front.

After, you can watch the new year show on KBS, you will know... Only thing is that we were actually there, so we saw them performing and OMG GJLGGLH FBLFDBLBH *dies* and they are just so amazing and Jungsoo is so fjewlkgdsklghkl I have no word and AW Youngoon and omg they really were freezing to death in those outfit by -10 seriously -_- and they waited for long before starting really their perf, you will see in the fancam ( later... )

And then the countdown... did by Jungsoo AW AW AW I arrived in 2008 with super junior, I can die happy, right ? lol.

They all hugged so much for 2008 after the countdown <3 aww

I'm too lazy to tell you about everything else except that a few minute after Suju left the stage, the army of policemans left -_- so we arrived in the second row, just so perfect to see everything >.> lol so we watched The grace perf perfectly without anyone being annoying in front of us xD Please to kill korean police.

Hmm I think I will end that post here its wayyy to big already. Who read everthing ? Ill give you a cookie !

02 January 2008 @ 08:34 pm
Because I love korea.

We finally managed to put our pics and videos in the computer and... I need to show you that :

That's what you are supposed to fill in when you enter the country.
American one is very funny too, it's like "Are you a terrorist ?" ....hmmm yeah ?

But the korean one is.... quite nice too

oh look !Collapse )
01 January 2008 @ 02:34 am
Une entree en francais cette fois-ci, c'est vraiment plus une heure raisonnable pour de l'anglais mais bon ok :


* (just about an evening with the other people of our guesthouse) l'autre soir au cybercafe, en voulant remplir ma bouteille d'eau, j'ai par inadvertance appuye egalememt sur le bouton... d'eau bouillante = legere brulure sur 3 doigts mais qu'est-ce que ca fait mal sur le coup (c'est presque parti maintenant).
En rentrant a la guesthouse, je demande a un gars qui semble vraiment vivre dedans a temps complet une pommade ou un truc du genre. Resultat = je me retrouve remorquee dans la cuisine/sejour ou une bonne partie des pensionnaires buvaient tranquilement en papotant coreen (des coreens coreens et des coreens hawaiens). L'art de se taper l'incruste :D. Alice arrive quelques minutes apres et c'est parti pour une fin de soiree tranquille jusqu'a 3h du matin \o/. Tout en anglais, avec des jeux a la con pour nous faire boire (le soju -et pas suju ^^;;- c'est pas mauvais du tout >>), notre fandom tupuri revele au grand jour (ca faisait beaucoup rire Moon -un Coreen super gentil, tout souriant et tout- quand il nous a demande ce qu'on avait fait de notre journee "euuh... .. un concert de Big Bang..." "et demain vous avez prevu quoi ?" "euh... un autre concert... Fly to the Sky". Il a presque fini completement etale par terre ^^;;), des tests de trucs chelous venus d'Hawai (on a reussi a y echapper, tout comme aux tentacules de poulpe sechees).
Bref, une fin de soiree bien sympathique mais tristesse que c'etait la derniere soiree de Moon ici ;__;

* Big Bang, c'est le BIEN !! (Big Bang is great, and stuff about this) J'etais pas vraiment fan des membres jusqu'ici, juste de leur musique et encore depuis seulement quelques mois. Mais apres les avoir vu en vrai, ce groupe dechire tout ^o^ (mais ils ont grave la loose, apparemment 3 des 5 membres ont ete a l'hosto ces derniers jours..). Aaah la parodie de Coffee Prince *O*, les places tout pres de la scene (la partie en T dans le public, pas la scene principale) surtout quand les fans rapprochent d'un coup leurs chaises de la scene... on a gagne deux rangs facile :D, Daesung qui va tout au fond de la scene, dos au public, qui pose son micro pour... fermer sa braguette xD'''. Ou qui fait son solo de batterie juste pour pouvoir faire tourner ses baguettes autour d'un doigt xD.
Et les cameramen nous aimaient bien, surtout sur les passsages dont on connaissaient pas vraiment les paroles ;>>. Comme le disait Alice, c'est fou a quelle vitesse on devient accroc a leurs concerts..
On a eu aussi le clip (non encore sorti je crois) de How Gee... avec une nana a moitie a poil allongee sur le parebrise d'une grosse voiture, mais bien suuur =D'. Et G-Dragon et TOP en pseudo rappeurs rebelles, mwahahaha. Mais les plans de TOP = gniii.
Pour le concert du 29 (le 2ème donc), G-Dragon n'a rien trouve de mieux que de s'asseoir au bord de la scene, juste devant nous et de chanter en regardant droit dans les yeux la fille du 1er rang juste devant nous (et une fan de BB mourute, une !).. je crois qu'il avait encore sa tête de souris, le détail qui tue xD'.

* Alice will make a post in english about this later but I wanted to write that.... ON LES A VU SUR SCENE !! Enfin surtout Alice, j'ai presque rien vu, pourquoi d'un coup tous les Coreens sont grands ? ;__;
On est arrivees super tot sur place (16h30, pour... 23h40) et a 18h on a commence a attendre sur un bout du carrefour devant un temple en plastique (ou tout comme, le pavillon qui abrite la cloche de Bosingak) a Insadong, pour la soirée du nouvel An de KBS 1TV Special 2008 (ca donne envie..). Precisons juste qu'on se les pelait grave.
Sans rentrer dans les details : froid, attente, froid, nous connaissons l'uniforme des policiers de Seoul dans ses moindres details, les repets c'est cool pour patienter, les bus qui passent sans arret un peu moins (vu que du coup on voyait plus rien de la scene).

Alice est partie plusieurs fois faire des tours dans le metro pour se rechauffer un peu et pendant une de ces absences, le MC sort "Super Junior a 19h".. O__o alors qu'ils etaient censes ne pas pouvoir faire les repets a cause de leur passage a SBS.
Alice revient, 19h arrive.. et rien...
Et 20 minutes plus tard... Raaaahh, une brochette de couillons qui debarquent et c'est sur Galjeung, LA chanson que je voulais voir en live \o/ !! Kangin et Donghae Kibum ont des enooormes lunettes de soleil (hey, il fait nuit hein >>), Donghae Kibum qui se la joue bad boy avec sa foudoune rouge a moitie mise, Hankyung est la !! Il manque juste Heechul, Kyu & Siwon (blesse). C'est trop chelou de les voir danser sur scene, sans fangirls hysteriques, dans leurs fringues de tous les jours... mais c'etait vraiment cool (mis a part les bus) meme s'ils sont restes pour une chanson et une autre avec des gamins en rang d'oignon.
Apres des heures d'attente, encore une repetition... ..... Et les Suju qui refont Galjeung *___*. Mais toujours autant de bus PENDANT leur passage et quand c'est fini... aucun bus a l'horizon >>.
On a filme meme si c'etait un peu loin. Moi qui voulait voir les Suju en repet, je suis ravie ^^.

Organisation ULTRA POURRIE par les policiers de Seoul, je les hais =__= mais ca nous a bien fait rire de voir plus de 500 policiers ne servir strictement a rien.
En gros : ils se mettaient soit en colonnes de 5 sur un bord de la route, soit ils formaient des chaines humaines sur le trottoir... une chaine qui monte dans un sens... 5 minutes plus tard une autre chaine qui descend dans l'autre sens... 5 pas sur la gauche... encore 3 autres... on se tient tous par la main et c'est reparti pour une farandole !! Honnetement, ca m'etonnerait qu'ils savaient eux-memes ce qu'ils faisaient.
Ou comment se compliquer la vie. Serieux, un concert gratuit en plein air a Seoul = mauvais plan, passez votre chemin (sauf si vous avez du temps et une chance de fou).

Apres un barrage de police force (forcement quand on voit toute une foule remplir les devants de la scene alors qu'on -on = 200-300 personnes- reste betement coince derriere un cordon de policiers aussi barraques que Wooki...), on pique un sprint et on arrive meme a se retrouver par hasard au meme endroit alors qu'on s'etait perdues (j'avais cru reperer le bonnet d'Alice autre part mais en fait c'etait une Coreenne ^^;). On est sur le cote gauche de la scene, mais impossible de remonter plus au centre : un mur epais de 3 policiers nous bloque dans notre elan.
Bon pas trop grave, on voit quand mene bien la scene.
Le show commence. Premiers invites.. les Suju ! Enfin, en vrai, sur scene, yaaay ! Et ils sont pas photogeniques... en vrai ils sont vraiment beaucoup, beaucoup mieux <3.
A noter que Heechul etait finalement la malgre son planning aux awards pour les acteurs. Et que meme si j'ai pas vu grand chose de la perf, Heechul a une prestance pas possible.
Donc les Suju, sauf qu'on etait pas les seules a les attendre, que ca a pousse dans le public un peu.. et du 5eme rang je voyais presque plus rien, meme sur la pointe des pieds. Serieux, pourquoi les gens grands se mettent au 1er rang (qui est deja sureleve) ? Je filme mais mon appareil a rate la mise au point mais Alice a une fancam qui dechire tout (et j'ai pas l'impression d'avoir fait le meme event xD') !
Et on a fait le decompte de minuit avec les Suju sur scene (ca c'est fini en hugs party <33, et on a une video pas floue normalement) !

Et le meilleur dans tout ca : les flics sont partis du public meme pas 10 minutes apres les Suju. Effectivement, du 2nd rang, vue impec. Un moment plus tard on parvient meme au 1er rang apres que des personnes soient parties. Tres tres belle vue, mais les Suju ne repasseront pas malheureusement, les invites aux chansons sans grand interet si :D (ceci dit, Cherry filter c'etait cool et The Grace sympa aussi meme si on avait froid rien qu'a regarder les tenues des back danceuses... ou celles des filles dans les choeurs pour certains invites).
Et j'aime comment quand des filles sont sur scene tous les policiers se retournent pour regarder :p.

Par contre, j'arrive pas a me faire a la brievete des emissions speciales (nouvel an, fetes de fin d'annee..). Une heure et des poussieres et c'est tout ?!

Voila, apres des heures dans le froid, on s'est posees dans un cybercafe bien chauffe, sans compression.. sans bus.. et sans flics >>. Faut bien attendre que les rues se vident un peu pour pouvoir esperer choper un taxi vu que le metro est ferme.
On doit changer d'hotel demain aussi... il est 4h30, on est pas rentrees.. faut dormir, boucler les sacs, se trimballer tout ca dans le metro... Ca va etre drole :D.

Bon reveillon a tous~
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30 December 2007 @ 12:33 am
We tried again to get BB tickets today. We left a bit earlier and OMG IT WAS FREEZING TO DEATH OUTSIDE. When we arrive to the olympic stadium, a lot of fans were already there, and I noticed that everyone seemed even more hyper that yesterday. (and young maybe ?)
So we went at the same place we went yesterday to pay for our tickets, but the seeling hadnt started yet. We started waiting... in the cold...very cold. It was at least -2degres Celcius. And I try not to exagerate. and I can tell youm waiting for more than 1 hour in the cold and not really moving....T-T It's horrible. My feets were litteary freezing.

We finally get to buy our tickets around 5pm, yesterday the girl just stared at us in silencem and we did the same...for something like 5 seconds xD "two tickets ?" she finally asked. Well YEAH why do you think I can be here ? XD
... So this time I asked her right away that I wanted 2 damm tickets and we chosed our places on the map.
After that we waited in a combini (whats the name for that in korea ? Except "family mart" as its almost the only kind of combini theres over here xD) because it was the only place where it was hot, but ew they were kicking people out when they had finished eating -o- (too many people) So we were looking at the food... absent mindedly... But finally ended by leaving xD

Oh and I forgot to tell you ! It started snowing xD
And right now its snow in korea too, but I dont really mind NOW cause we are in the internet cafe lol.

But lets get back on track. Big Bang. When we entered the place, a korean girl talked to us in english asking, amazed, hoz comes we know them ( not forgetting to ask... 3times... if we were BB fans... no we saw lights and decided to enter by paying 55 000 Wons ~ >.> and the BB blanket looked cool and thats why I bought it and wraped it around me xD)
But she was very nice ^^ Amazed too when we told her that we knex them because of the internet (...How does she want us to know about them ?!)

About the livem it was kinda the same as yesterdaym just as waesome :D Except that Seungri injured his ankle again and had to be rushed to the hospital during the live ToT ... and it was shorter by 20 minutes or something. There wasnt the medley at the end, nor GD duet with the girl... ;o; And they cutted out one talk and one bunch of dorky CMs

I think we forgot to say in our previous report that during the live there's the whole MV for the song how Gee which is their main song for their album which will be released in Japan on january 4th (but in english) its just so full of blings and half naked girls on cars xDDD So funny. And a LOT of TOP/GD mostly. We barely see the 3 others -o-

Oh and we saw 1TYM live ^^ they were today's guest. TAEBIN IS HOT. Needed to be said, even if his face really isnt as cool as his body LOL.


It's sad to know it was our last BB live ToT I was starting getting used to go there YES after 2 days its enought to be completly addicted, it's horrible.
Well, we will see them again in the vivaldy park event ~ ^^
I feel like the 26th, 2 freaking days ago, were like... 2 or 3 month ago. The day when Jungsoo waved and smiled at me looks SO FAR seriously @@
I wanna go to another sukira agaiiin but to a BB live too ToT
But tomorrow is... Fly to the sky live XD
I really don't know what I really want, lol.
You must all hate me right now -o-

We are not eating well AT ALL fir the past 4-5 days ^^;;
I think for 3 days we only ate a very few junk food (and like, one bow per day)... and today we just ate a cup noodle in the internet cafe...>.> Wut. Arent we supposed to actually try Korean food and stuff ? ToT Money is flying away somewhere else already and we are just not feeling hungry at all. Its weird.
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29 December 2007 @ 02:14 am
I was at BB live from tonight.
I don't have any pictures, I' sorry, the staff was very annoying about not using cameras, we were in the front but on the sidem so they were able to catch us anytime.
Oh, and im warning you know, Im french so Im not used to that keyboard I'm using in Korea, so if there's A instead of Q, W instead of Z, or M instead of , .... its normal T-T

this concert was BEYOND AWESOME
I don't know where to start.
Well first, for everyone who would like to go to a concert in korea one day but don't have tickets the day of the live ITS OKAY.
Like you know, this live was sold out in a couple of minutes but they were OFFICIALLY selling new tickets the day of the live !
And WTF SERIOUSLY It was VERY GOOD tickets. It was a stadium, and we were on the floor, not around in the balcony... I don't know how to call that but that means at the very end during the encore we were able to ran near the stage and touch the boys hand and stuff !

So ? What happened... I really dunno where to start. The live was almost 3 hours long, all the boys were there and the fans yelled a LOT everytime Seungri was doing something / talking it was super cute <3
They all have their solo, and OMG Seungri played the piano while Daesung had his solo and then Daesung played the drums, he started doing a drums solo, then with a band and Seungri had his solo.
YB had his solo again with his shirt almost off and then on his knee under the water XDDDD <<33 oh dear YB... <3

During breaks, they was different videos with the boys and it was really really AWESOME (and full of fanservice O_o)
First there were little CM... What can I remember now... GD and Daesung in girls with wigs and cocumbers on their face being all dorky
Or else there was also TOP in his car and...was it GD or Seungri ? -o- I honestly can't remember I'm sorry but they were in a car wash station or something and lets say it was GD, was outside and suddently yelled "SUPAAAA JUNIAAA" with the don't don move at the end of the MV and it was all WTF ?! ... Just like TOP in the car who was ..... -__-** And a BB song started in the back... and im sorry i don't understand korea so I don't know what was the meaning of that xD;;
Seungri ;ade a CM for the patch you'r putting under your eyes for dark circles XDDD

And there was another video... They made a remake of Coffee prince.... *---*
TOP was the main guy (han Kyul)
GD was... Eun chan XD
Seungri was playing one of the waiters AND also the other girl (Yoo Joo) and when he is playing her , he had a girls' wig xD
YB was playing Han sung (the guy with the dog)
Daesung was a waiter too xD A dorky one.

... And as you can guessm the fanservice REALLY was here. OMG seriously TOP/GD FTW.
GD was acting all cute Ma-chan-like with TOP who was '-' at first... At one moment, GD enters the toilets but TOP is here, so he is confused, but TOP zip his pants, and we see him with his fingers.. as if he needs to wash them but he didn't... and then GD says something but TOP made him shut up by...putting his fingers on GD mouth ! XDDDDD omg everyone died at that moment.
Then they hugged.... and then KISSED ! YES. Well, we don't see the lips, just GD's hair and TOP's eyes closing XD
And then TOp is pushing GD and touch his chest and it seems that he realize that it's boobs... xD its awesome the look on their faces.
And a bit after, they kiss again xD We don't see the lips, but theres another view and it really look like they really kissed xD It's crazy.

But lets stop about the vids and lets talk about the live again xD;

At one moment they arrived dressed in animals xD
First Seungri comes in a panda outfit on the pink panther song...then TOP arrive in a green dinausor ourfit on Jurrasic park music theme...but a while after they change it and its some cute little song and he start moving like the dork he is xD
And seungri touch his butt >.>
Then YB arrive in a monkey outfit xD there's also a story going on between them and talks but as I said I don't understand korean
and YB has a stuffed rabbit in his hand I dunno why xD
then GD arrive in a mouse outfit...
there's some kind of fight
and finally Daesung arrive, on The lion king first opening song... and the other 4 are like "Our king !" prostrating themselves before Daesung xD
Then they kinda fight again ? Or something... Well, and the little scenery stops and they sang... Dirty catsh with those outfits ^^ <3
But they must have been VERY hot in there cause they are not singing half of the lyrics xD
The proof ism at the end of the songm YB has already the top of his monkey outfit down, and the others are taking them off too. GD is taking care of TOP's outfit xD and Seungri and Daesung of one another. (And they are obviously dressed under, t shirt and jeans... lol )

There was a "flying TOP" in a platform during one song, no one was waiting for that, they were singing behing a white curtainand suddentlym TOP apperaed at the other side of the stadium in the middle of the fans xD So he flying just above us @@

And there was 1 rock band as guest, and a rapper... I think the rock band was no Brainm but really don't auote me on this. They sang 2 songs and then a 3rd one with GD and TOP.
And then red rock did his solo, and TOP was there, doing ...what he is doing in the MV lol. He arrived with a baseball bat, there was a red public phone too and at one moment during the song he broke the window of the phone box. ( and had his solo just after )

Hmm what else... im sorry my post is a mess, but im still so hyper *-*.
During one of their talkm they are all sat on the floor and GD is talking with his red cap on the face, and even on the giant screen be can't see anything of his face...and the fans started shouting "Moja ! Moja !" To ask him to take it off...and he was suuuuper cute, shamefully trying to fix his hair under his cap.... and finally deciding to put it on anyway but on the side, like that we could see him ! <3

For the encore they sang Always, and they were...on a boat xD yes there was a boat on stage, the same as the one of the MV... And that's when everyone in the front started running to the stage, us included... and beware, this is my (most than previously) fangirl-ish moment :
[start]Daesung and Seungri noticed me *-* I was like on 3rd row , but we were standing without anything between the stage on usm so very very close..and they both saw me, and because Im occidental Seungri was like "Oh !" Twice ! and waved at me, and Daesung did the same and after he winked at me with a move of his hand xD <33 And I also touched TOP and GD hands <33 4 DONE, ONE TO GO ! XD
Oh and there was also a camera who noticed me and my friend during 'my girl'... @@ the came especially to film us, so I was all ""yeahh" with the BB light (looking like a crown) and the bandana (wrote Vandana in the goodies shop xD) and my friend showed a panned with "Paris Eseo" (from Paris) on it xD;... I wonder if there will be a DVD or something x-x edit; I wonder if we WILL BE in the DVD or something.... ._. [/ends]

Ahaha since i'm in this internet cafe to write this, someone is playing Last farewell ON REPEAT -o-;

EDIT: oh and that guy from the swimming pool team thing... he was in the stadium talking with some people from the staff at one moment, behind us... and suddently fans started screaming ! Oo but I didnt know who he was and how comes so many fans knew who he was too ? XD Well, maybe its just like 'one is screaming so I'll scream too'...xD But he walked between the fans twice (before the live began) and twice, they screamed XD

+) I bought EVERYTHING fro; the goodies shops xD

++) 2 girls talked to us in the subway back to the hotel, laughting and squeezing because I looked at them. and they started speaking a bit in french... asking us if we liked big bang * me, looking at all my BB goodies, I just spawwed on the BB is great photobook, and with the bandana around my neck* ...yes xD and then they anszered that them, with BB posters in their hands... loved them too
Sooo cute <3

+++) Setlist :
01 - Crazy Dog
02 - Hwansang sogui geudae
03 - Shake it (+band)
04 - Bigbang
05 - Wild Wild West (+band)
06 - We Belong Together
07 - Forever With You (short version)
- How gee MV
08 - Daesung solo - Try to laugh (+Seungri piano)
09 - Seungri solo - The next day (+Daesung drums & band)
10 - Taeyang solo - Ma Girl (+ TOP & G-Dragon rap)
11 - I Don't understand
12 - Oh Ma Baby
- CMs
13 - V.I.P
14 - La-La-La (+band)
- Talk
15 - Lies
- Parody Coffee Prince
16 - A Fool's Only Tear
17 - Fool
18 - This Love (+band)
- Talk & CMs
19 - GUEST : No brain - Nuh Nae Gae Bahn Haet Suh, You're Stuck On Me (+G-Dragon et TOP), juhlmun gudae (+BIGBANG)
20 - GUEST : Red Roc - Hello (+TOP)
21 - TOP solo - Pretending Nothing's Wrong
22 - G-Dragon solo - But I love you
- Sketch animals
23 - Dirty Cash
24 - Medley : Put your hands up, victory, we are BIGBANG, Hot Issue
25 - Unavailable Number
26 - Last farewell
27 - Always
28 - Lies
- NG of parody and CMs

edit: picturesCollapse )
28 December 2007 @ 01:03 am
So this afternoon we met Golf and Mike. A while after a very cute guy was asking for free hugs in myeong dong...so obviously we free-hugged him =D ...

Then tonight nwe left for sukira AND OMG FINALLY IT HAPPENED :

We were just on the front of the window, so we had the chance to put our pannel with "PARIS 에서 " (From Paris) right on the window, for them to saw it

and when they entered the radio booth.... THEY SAW IT <3 They started smiling at usm and looking at the fans, mostly Jungsoo.
And then, when they started DJing they suddently said something like " And after :alaysianm Japaneses, Thai, american fans... We have Europe together ! French fans... Bonjour ! Bonjour !"
And it was so cutem they started saying 'Bonjour' on repeat and we were answering the same to them LOL but obviously they couldn't hear us but whatever.
So after sukira was just great but nothing much happened, We get to see Younha fron SNSD ! She was butting in to wave at everyone... she is very cute in real life actually O-o

And at the end of the radio show, when they walked outm they started waving and smiling at us again, Isa filmed it so you we will show you later. It was seriously awesome I was right in front of them waving and smiling back and...awwwww *dead* *dead* *dead* *brain crash*

We then ran to the hall of the building but the guard was locking the entrym but we saw them at the other side of the hall, waving at all the fans again <3 So cute. but they left after with all sukira staff in the elevatorsm so they must had left for recording tomorrow's schedule which isn't bora.

And when we walked outside we bumped into a guy from...Buzz signing stuff to a bunch of fans (or actuallym sukira fans knowing him xD)

And then we found a taxi quite easily (very different from yesterday nightm we walked for almost 30minutes before finding one) and left like that : *-*


Golf&Mike, Sukira, Younha, guy from buzz XD

I want everyday like that !

TOMORROW = try to get Big bang tickets (NO chance but whatever xD)
27 December 2007 @ 06:41 pm

Some suju ? no

We were in aome ajumma fashion street, thinking "uuuuh uglyyyy" when suddently...

Alice (Hyorin): " ... arnt that Golf and mike ?! "

Isabelle (feyana) don't know them so much so she didnt know but i was sure it was them

So I was like "omg omg" still walking and suddently thinking BUT IM SURE ITS THEM

I touched mike's arm " excuse me...are you..." ( But at that exact moment the one in front of me had big black glasses and I was like "which one is it ? omg" ) So I said "...golf...mike ? "

He said yes, all confused , and Isabelle asked for a picture and I asked him if his brother could come too.
So he yelled with his sexy low voice " hey golf ! Golf ! " (Because Golf had walked a bit already)...so I was omg ok it was mike.... *stares at him* BUT YES OBVIOUSLY ITS HIM IM SO STUPID

Anyway, a confused Golf came too, and we took picture *-* One with me alone with bothm one with Isa alone and finally one aith the 4 of us.
There was 2 girls a young and a older one with them, no idea who they were but they were very nice too ^^

Well that's all we told mike we were french and he asked if we were in vacation and finally I told him "Merry christmas ! Happy new year !" He smiled at me and we left *-* <3

And that's all after we kept walking and fangirling till we suddently realize that we were not in the ;arket streets anymore and we were like ""were the hell are we ?!" qnd we had to walk back xD;

That's allll :D big fangirling moment
And I ended up buying 11 new Cds/Dvds after xD

That was tonight update, We are going to Sukira again tonight ! <3 But no Agnes this time ! But as there's only Eunteuk, I guess there won't be too many people ^^